Gig Center Performance Program

The Gig Center Performance Program features a new and innovative approach to teaching music, offering hands-on instrumental and voice instruction in a band performance setting. The Gig Method© is based on our years of experience teaching students of all ages, styles, and levels at The Westport Music Center.

The three-hour sessions take place once a week, in two different studios. The musical and educational content of the Gig Center Performance Program is tailored to each student’s interests and abilities. Our experienced, professional faculty members offer instruction, coaching, and musical direction.

The Gig Center Performance Program is approximately 16 weeks long, and concludes with a live performance at a local venue. Sessions are based on a musical theme or style, which we use, with input from our students, to create the set list for each band. Songs may be modified to suit the abilities of the students, and keys may be changed to accommodate our vocalists. Examples of themes might be The Age of Woodstock, Country Rock, or The British Invasion.

Gigs are open to voice, guitar, bass (electric and stand up), drums, and keyboards, as well as brass and woodwinds.

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July 31-August 4

Summer Camp

Our five-day summer camp provides aspiring musicians with a unique experience, including time to practice their instruments, perform in a band setting, and socialize with like-minded campers. Running from July 31 thru August 4, camp meets from 10:00 to 3:30 (Monday thru Friday). Our camp accommodates levels from beginners to experienced players, and ages from 10 to 15. The camp follows our Gig Center Performance format, modified for the one-week program. We’ll conclude with a live performance on the afternoon of the last day, Friday, Aug 4. Camp is open to voice, guitar, bass, drum, and keyboard students, as well as brass and woodwinds. We'll be considering songs that span different eras and rock styles, from classic to more contemporary.

Camp will be in session:

Monday, July 31 thru Friday, August 4, 2017.

Hours: 10:00 to 3:30

Where: at the Gig Center, inside the Westport Music Center
(1460 Post Road East in Westport)

Live performance: Friday, August 4, at 3:00 at the Gig Center

For more information please give us a call at 203-292-8934 or

Come Discover the Gig!




Come Discover the Gig

Thanks for your interest in learning about our programs. Our free "Discover" program was scheduled to run from May 9 through June 1. We're pleased to say that the "kids" program was extended for an extra two weeks due to popular demand. The participants were enthusiastic, and we look forward to seeing them again for Summer Camp and/or our fall Performance Program. They did a great job! Most of our adults enrolled for the summer Performance Program, and are busily working toward their upcoming live show.

With the Discover program having concluded, please contact us if you'd like additional info about our programs. We invite you to come in and have a look at our facilities. If scheduling permits, we can even arrange an opportunity for you to visit while we're in session.

Session will be in:

Tuesdays: May 9,16,23,30

Thursdays: May 11,18,25, June 1

For more information please give us a call at 203-292-8934 or

Gigs for Adults

Adult Gig Center Program

The Gig Center Program for Adults is designed for practically all levels of aspiring musicians. Once a week, adults rehearse in a supportive, non-competitive band setting. Sessions run for about 12-16 weeks, and culminate with a live performance at a local venue. Rehearsals are held in our fully equipped studios with assistance from our faculty. Your instructor will ensure that your rehearsals run efficiently, and act as a musical director and coach. Our faculty chooses songs with input from band members, based on that session’s musical theme. Arrangements of the songs may be modified to accommodate the talents in the group. For example, we’ll tend to select keys that fit the vocal range of our singers.

Thursdays June 8 thru August 24 from 7:30-10:00

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