At the Gig Center, music students work together under the guidance of our faculty. Our spacious, fully-equipped facilities include two separate rehearsal studios, plus ample room to relax and socialize. We provide an educational, fun, supportive environment for learning to create music as a group.

Striking a Balance
Students are musically engaged for a high percentage of the time at each rehearsal. The availability of multiple instructors and studios allows us to work on various skills individually, in small groups, or as a full band. Downtime is limited to breaks needed for social interaction and sustaining levels of attention, energy, and enthusiasm.

Our Content
Each session has a musical theme, so students have an idea of what they’ll be playing. We determine song selection and create playable arrangements that address the musical strengths and interests of our students. We’ll change keys to accommodate our singers, and we welcome brass and woodwind players in addition to students of all standard rock-band instruments.

Our Schedule
Each Gig Center session runs for about 16-20 weeks, and culminates in a live performance at a local venue. Students meet weekly for a two-hour rehearsal (2.5 hours for adults). Sessions will tend to run approximately from October thru January and February thru May. We offer summer programs as well.

Our Facility
Our fully equipped rehearsal spaces are in the same location as the Westport Music Center. Please feel free to stop by and take a look whenever the Music Center is open, or contact us for additional info. We're at 1460 Post Road East, in Westport, CT, with plenty of parking!

For more information please give us a call at
203-292-8934 or





Great Songs:Josh's Picks

Josh will select the starting songs for the group and work with the students to select the ones they want to play. The Saturday group is oriented to teen's and requires some playing experience with the Thursday group for all players.

The Gig performance is tentatively scheduled for the last week of June. Kids will have an opportunity to play a festival in mid-August

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Call us or email for all the details. info@gigcenterwestport.com
203 292-8934

Saturdays  10:30a-1:00p
Feb 17-June 22

Thursdays  5:00p-7:30p
Feb 15-June 20








Dead, Allman Brothers, Gov't Mule, Umphrey's McGee,                                        Neil Young, Pink Floyd

Mondays 7:30-10:00p  Feb 18-June 24, August Festival

On Monday nights, we'll jam on songs from a whole range of great bands. We'll add what's missing and play what the group decides. Depending on enrollment, we will do acoustic Dead too!

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Open Set List: Ballads, a Little Blues, a Little Country
Tuesdays 7:30-10:00p Feb 19-June 25, August Festival

On Tuesdays, Chris Cass leads a group inspired by singer-songwriters, blues and country. The set list is open, with a few songs already selected to start the season. Take a listen to where the set list is headed.

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Grooves, Blues and Singers

Thursdays 7:30-10:00p February 21- June 27, August Festival
With Steve Sasloe directing, the group will lay down some major grooves and play some blues too.

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Gig Starters




Gig Starters

Gig Starters is a performance based program for beginning students, generally ages 6-10. Often the motivation of playing in a group settings helps young learners to stick with learning an instrument. We teach teamwork and everything about how to play in a band. Take a look at this program even if you children take lessons elsewhere. When a student is ready, we move them to a regular Gig.

The Gig performance is tentatively scheduled for the last week of June. Kids will have an opportunity to play a festival in mid-August

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Saturdays 10:30-1:00p
Feb 17-June 22
Ages 6-10