The info provided below is regarding school-year/semester enrollment in private lessons at the Gig center.

Registration obligates a student to payment for a full semester of lessons whether taken or missed. Late entries are prorated.

One makeup lesson is provided per semester. This lesson is given at the end of each semester during the designated make-up week.

As a courtesy, The Gig Center may offer makeup lessons at an alternate day or time, depending on teacher availability, or during another student's cancellation. Rescheduled lessons which are cancelled or missed by the student will be considered made up.

Lessons cancelled due to inclement weather or teacher absence will be made up during the semester at a time agreed upon by the teacher and student, or by extending the spring semester.

Tuition does not include teaching materials or the use of a musical instrument. (The cost of books, accessories, and your instrument is not included in your tuition. The Gig Center is equipped with pianos, amplifiers and drums for use during lessons.)

The Gig Center reserves the right to substitute a teacher in the event of teacher illness or unavailability.

The Gig Center calendar does not necessarily follow those of the public schools. Please consult our semester calendar for scheduled closings.

In the event of a student discontinuing lessons, the Gig Center will refund the balance of the tuition once the vacated time slot is refilled with another student.

Students are required to adhere to the practice regimen prescribed by their instructor. Adult supervision during practice time is often required.

The Gig Center is not responsible for any articles or items of any kind left in lesson studios or anywhere within or outside of the Gig Center.

Minimum age requirements for lessons:

Piano: 6

Guitar: 8 (7-year-olds accepted if they've had a year or more of guitar study elsewhere, subject to the availability of a faculty member who specializes in early childhood education.)

Drums: Must be at least 8, and big enough to sit at a full size drum set.

Violin: 6 (5-year-olds accepted if they've had a year or more of violin study elsewhere, subject to the availability of a faculty member who specializes in early childhood education.) Note that we do not have a violin, viola, cello, or string bass instructor on our faculty for the 2020/2021 school year.

Brass/Woodwinds/Strings (other than guitar or violin): 4th grade
Note that we do not have a woodwind or classical string (violin/viola/cello) instructor on our faculty at this time.

Voice: Traditional voice curriculum can generally begin around the 6th grade, or approaching teenage years. Younger students may be enrolled, but will not work on some specific things (such as increasing their range) until they are older.




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